What the heck is “Tick-Tock-Toe”?

I can see why that is confusing, it’s not a typo.

It means, “Tick… Tock… Bitcoin, we are taking the #1 spot.” The “Tic-Tac-Toe” design inspiration caught that image, iconically, in my eyes. 

It seems to irritate the Bitcoin maximalists.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “Bitcoin would never be so stupid to not take the bottom left box.” Well, that’s the point, the BTC community has become complacent to the layout of the land… metaphorically, it already has missed the bottom left box 😉   

Is XRP Gallery for real?

Yes. I was surprised to see people skeptical of the intentions of this website and store upon its launch. I am a fine artist and filmmaker, that simply loves the disruptive nature of crypto and XRP’s place in this space’s future. If it takes placing one of my paintings in the office of Brad or David, fine, standby 🙂 

Like any passionate artist, my passion is equal to that of XRP. I decided to express my passion for the space by applying my talents through fine art. I almost made a documentary about crypto, but it will be outdated by the time I finished it. 

Who is ECM?

It’s my initials. I’m Eric Merola. Check out my IMDB page here. My website for the rest of my paintings is plastered all over the website. 

Shopping Information

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

All kinds. When you buy stickers, it’s just stamps. When you buy anything more expensive than a sticker, it’s sent First Class Mail with tracking.  

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Super fast. Stickers and shirts ship within 24 hours. The big expensive paintings might take more time. The “Tick… Tock.. Toe” square spray paint canvases might take a week if orders are high to allow me to paint it for you. 

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, anywhere on planet XRP Earth. While many of you will soon be on the Moon, and a some luckier ones on Saturn, I can’t ship those places just yet. Just Earth for now.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

All types. If you buy an expensive piece, we will communicate and organize the best shipping method. 

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

XRP and PayPal. You can use a credit card via Pay Pal too. You can also visit my Santa Monica, CA studio and pay cash in person too, if you prefer. 

Is Buying with XRP Safe? (Bitvolo Shop Cart Plug in)

Super safe. We tested it. The only thing is, if you buy a sticker set, you have to send it from a hard wallet, because Binance and other exchanges require a minimum of 20-22 XRP via a send transaction. Stickers only cost 9-10 XRP.

I utilize the awesome Bitvolo Wordpress plug in to process your XRP payments. It’s fast, and super fun to see the “order complete!” when you send XRP via this payment portal. (Psst: You might get a 10%-12% discount on the price when paying with XRP, due to the lag in the API for Fiat/XRP). 

Orders and Returns

How do I place an Order?

If you have issues placing an order, email me, I wish to fix any bugs you find.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Nope. But if you think you might order more later, opening an account doesn’t hurt. Your email will never be shared. 

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Me, I run the show. ecm@xrp.gallery

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

We will figure it out… 

How Do I Track My Order?

Stickers will not have tracking, but everything else will. You will be emailed your tracking. 

How Can I Return a Product?

If you order something and you aren’t happy with it, no biggie. I don’t want to make any fellow member of the XRP community unhappy 🙂